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How to Earn More Tips as a Server


Being a server is hard work – especially when you are barely getting paid for your troubles! Most of your good money is made through tips, and good tips come from good service. Since everyone wants to make more money, here are some pieces of advice on how to give the best service you possibly can, so that you get the higher tips you will ultimately deserve.

Be Nice!

It may seem like a no-brainer, but the most important part of good service is to simply be nice. Even if you make a mistake with an order, or your kitchen is backed up and you can’t get your patron’s food in a timely fashion, your customers will be far more understanding and accommodating if you are friendly and personable. Introduce yourself, and make their experience with you a unique one. Don’t patronize or coddle them – treat your customers as you would want to be treated whenever you’re out to a restaurant.

Check In Often

No one likes a person hovering over their shoulder every minute of their stay, but being present and checking in with your guests makes them feel cared for. You want them to think that they are your only priority. Stop at their table briefly to refill drinks and ask if they need anything else, and then be on your way, allowing them to enjoy their meal.

Be Knowledgeable

Make sure you are intimately familiar with your menu, and try to anticipate any questions that may come your way. When servers stumble through the specials, or don’t know what kind of drinks they have on tap, the customer will think you less competent at your job than you really are. Everyone forgets things now and again, but if you present yourself in a professional way, and make sure to get them the information they’re looking for, the entire process will go quickly – which is just what your customer wants.

Check Your Problems at the Door

While it’s very hard for anyone to shake a bad day, for those in the service industry, it could be a matter of getting a big tip or no tip at all. Your customer doesn’t want to feel your bad mood, no matter what has happened in your life – they came to your establishment to escape and enjoy. So do your best to always have a smile and a joke ready, even if you aren’t having the greatest time.