Applicable for Existing Student/Customers Only
ABC Board Requirements

The Arkansas Responsible Permittee Program

Approved by the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABCD)


While not mandated throughout the state, the Arkansas Responsible Permittee Program is often required by vendors and establishments upon hire of new employees. This program, overseen by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board, is designed to give all staff of a seller/server venue a comprehensive understanding of their responsibilities when selling or serving alcohol to the public.

The AR Alcoholic Beverage Control Board's mission is to supervise, regulate, and permit the distribution of alcohol throughout the state so that all legal requirements are met in a safe and responsible manner. The Responsible Permittee Program is a major factor in this endeavor, and is extremely important to the safety and security of both the business selling the alcohol, and the customer consuming it.

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Certification for Everyone

Those employees who would most benefit from going through the Responsible Permittee Program are, well, everyone! This training not only safeguards against civil and criminal liability, but it also is designed to prevent a hazard or mistake from happening on the job. Management, bartenders, wait staff, security staff, store clerks, and anyone else involved in alcohol sales should all know how to deal with intoxicated customers, how to spot fake IDs, and myriad other steps to ensure the safety of everyone in the establishment.

Program Requirements

In order for the ABC Board to recognize an establishment as being compliant with the Program, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Employees must complete a state-approved course which covers subjects including but not limited to:
    • Drinking and driving hazards
    • Arkansas state liquor and alcohol regulations
    • Spotting underage patrons and fake IDs
    • Intervention methods and proper refusal of service
  • Keep records of employee training and re-certification

Employees must complete this training within 30 days of hire, and must be recertified annually. The perfect way to do so is with our online Seller Server course.

The alcohol training course that employees will complete is 4 hours long, and covers the aforementioned topics. The student must pass a comprehensive final exam upon completion of the course material, and with the Seller Server training program, the student has unlimited attempts at the final exam to achieve a 70% passing score.

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Why Is Certification Important?

For a seller/server business, being covered under the Responsible Permittee Program is absolutely crucial to prevent liability in case of an emergency. If an employee places a patron or the establishment in danger in any way (for example, by serving to a minor), the business will be protected from lawsuit or responsibility. While the server may still be charged, the establishment will not lose its liquor license. This is why although the state does not mandate alcohol training; most establishments will require it of their entire staff.