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The Convenience Your Company Deserves

Whether you’re a manager or an employee, SellerServer.com makes it easy to complete your staff alcohol server training with our dedicated Business Accounts.

  • Easily manage and track your employees’ training
  • Benefit from group discounting
  • Flexible payment and billing options
  • Keep your staff properly and responsibly educated

Our 100% online courses are simple, self-paced, and convenient for any business schedule. With state-specific material that targets essential regulations and proper procedures, your employees will be educated and prepared, making your business a success.

Easy for Employees

As an employee participating in group training, you’re able to study your course without any inconvenience!

  • Work at your own pace
  • Enjoy fun multimedia and videos
  • Study whenever you find the time
  • Access your course 24/7

Log in with your Company ID, and you’re on your way toward responsible serving.

Be part of a thriving team without any hassle of classrooms or textbooks!

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Quality Education for Your Employees

In order to maintain a responsible business, you need to have an efficient staff. With SellerServer.com, you can ensure that your employees have the training they need to perform their duties reliably, and make your establishment a success.

Through our straightforward, self-paced course, they’ll learn state laws, proper serving methods, and risk-mitigation techniques to keep everyone safe while enjoying your services.

Manage Your Staff with Ease

With a SellerServer.com business account, you can track your employees’ training through our easy-to-use reporting portal, and make sure that everyone is on track. We provide you with a dedicated Account Management team that caters specifically to your needs, so your company training runs smoothly.

And with 24/7 online access to your account, you can fit your staff’s training right in with everyone’s existing schedules, and monitor them whenever it suits you best.

Expertly-Designed Courses

Our courses are created using advanced technology and professional teaching tools, so that your staff learns quickly and efficiently. Plus, we include elements that entertain as well as educate, capturing interest and increasing learning retention. These include:

  • Engaging and informative videos
  • Interactive elements, including animations and 3D graphics
  • An audio track that reads the text out loud
  • Short, easy-to-manage chapters and quizzes

Top Quality from an Industry Leader

Since 2004, SellerServer.com has helped businesses across the country train and certify their employees for responsible alcohol service. From mom-and-pop shops to national corporations, our clients receive the best quality for the most affordable prices, with state-certified material and simple management services to make your experience virtually effortless.

You have enough to deal with – let us make your staff’s certification as simple as you deserve! Set up a SellerServer.com business account today.