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Why Alcohol Awareness Training is Essential for Any Server?


When working in an industry where people’s safety and lives are at stake, it is absolutely essential to have the proper training in order make sure everyone involved remains happy and healthy. For bartenders and servers, alcohol awareness training helps protect them against responsibility for any harm that may happen to patrons due to intoxication or other hazardous situations. By completing alcohol awareness training, servers learn the measures to take and procedures to complete while serving to guests, to ensure they are being as responsible as possible.

What Will I Learn?

Online alcohol server training is more than just a crash course in state liquor regulations and penalties. You learn critical procedures that are necessary to perform with each guest you serve or sell to. Every seller or server of alcohol must be able to identify minors and prevent underage sales; they must know how to perform safe interventions on intoxicated customers or habitual drinkers which they recognize; they must also be able identify behavioral clues in their customers that might endanger themselves or others at the establishment. When an alcohol server training such as this is completed, that employee is certified to work safely and responsibly at any establishment in the state.

What If I Don’t Get Certified?

Failure to obtain an alcohol serving certification not only jeopardizes your establishment, but it also jeopardizes your career. Many if not most businesses require some sort of alcohol serving certification before they hire any personnel to work for them. Having an establishment full of certified employees guarantees to the business owner that their restaurant or bar will be run smoothly and efficiently, creating a lucrative and enjoyable experience for staff and patrons alike. Having an alcohol serving certification also protects you in the event of a liability issue. Instead of your business losing its entire license, it is more likely that fines would be meted out. However, this training is meant to educate servers well enough to prevent any incidents altogether. When staff have the tools they need and know the rules to follow, the likelihood of dangerous incidents is far lower.

But I Don’t Have Enough Time to Take a Course. What Should I Do?

Not all training courses need to be a hassle. There are online alcohol certification courses that can be taken right from home. These courses are almost always self-paced and adaptable to your schedule, so you can squeeze in some studying whenever you’re able without pressure or fear of penalty. But keep in mind – the quicker you get certified, the quicker you can get hired!