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Simple Alcohol Certification without the Hassle, Provided by SellerServer.com


If you work in the service industry and you have to serve alcohol, you’re most likely going to have to complete alcohol server training. Though many of these courses may look the same, don’t make the mistake of assuming as such. Your responsible beverage server course should help you, not hinder you, and should make it easy for your to get your alcohol server training and get on your way. That’s why SellerServer.com offers the most benefits for the most affordable prices - because you deserve the very best.

What Does SellerServer.com Do?

Seller Server is the leading course provider of alcohol awareness class online. Instead of sitting through a boring classroom course, Seller Server makes it possible to study your responsible beverage server course from the comfort of your own home, or from any computer that’s convenient for you. Using advanced technology and proven teaching tools, Seller Server has risen to the top of the industry with short and simple courses that are easy to take and state-approved for certified training.

Everything You Need, Right From Home

The biggest benefit provided by Seller Server is the ability to take your alcohol awareness training online anywhere, at anytime. With unlimited access to the courses 24 hours a day, servers with any type of schedule can log in and study their course whenever they find the time. The platform is specifically designed to be self-paced, alleviating any pressure caused by strict deadlines or instructors looming over your shoulder in a classroom course. Plus, you save time and money by not driving to and from another location just to learn things that you can get right from your computer. Your money is hard-earned, and Seller Server doesn’t think you should have to waste it in such a way.

Education is Essential

The things you learn in a Seller Server course are extremely important – they are regulations and procedures that you will use every single day on the job. By learning them quickly and easily through advanced technology, you will be more apt to retain the information longer and use it responsibly at your workplace. You’ll be instructed in state-specific laws and regulations, plus you’ll learn how to identify and prevent hazardous situations; these include serving to minors, over-serving to intoxicated or habitual drinkers, and escalating dangerous situations. By learning techniques that will allow you to perform interventions and spot liabilities, you will better protect yourself, your business, and your customers.

The Benefits You Need

Professions such as those in the alcohol service industry are often demanding, and accommodating them can be hard. Seller Server strives to provide all the ease and convenience that servers need. You get the ability to take your course on your own terms without sacrificing the quality that you deserve.