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Servers Flock to SellerServer.com for TABC Certification


Employees of alcohol seller/server establishments across Texas have picked SellerServer.com as their go-to provider for TABC certification. With our online courses you can take from home, Seller Server takes the hassle out of completing an alcohol server training course.

Great news! Servers no longer need to find an expensive and out-of-the-way classroom course to attend on their day off. Seller Server has self-paced online courses that can be taken straight from the student’s computer. The courses save time and money, in addition to providing a convenient way for servers to get certified quickly.

The course itself is only 2 hours long, which means a server could potentially get certified and start work on the same day. However, the self-paced format allows for a more relaxed style of studying - should a student wish to pace themselves and study a little at a time, Seller Server makes sure they are able to do so. This gives the added benefit of the course fitting directly into any type of schedule, making it one of the most popular methods to obtaining a Texas TABC Permit Online.

The online course is accessible 24 hours a day, so students choosing this route may log in whenever they find the time. The online course is the fastest way for a server to obtain their TABC certification.

While the company is hugely popular in Texas, they've also begun to gain popularity nationwide, making them one of the industry’s leaders in online alcohol server training courses. For Texas employees looking to get their TABC certification, they now have an easy and state-approved option that won’t break the bank, or interfere with their schedule and free time.