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Roll with the Best - Seller Server Course Makes Online Learning Fun


Servers and bartenders across the country are continuing to benefit from the advent of online alcohol server training courses. One of the best providers out there has proven to be SellerServer.com, which provides easy, self-paced courses that fit into any type of schedule or lifestyle. Servers agree that finding a course that accommodates their needs is tough, but Seller Server put its students first with simple, accessible material that gets them certified in no time at all.

A One-Stop Shop for Alcohol Training

Each responsible beverage server course provided by SellerServer.com teaches the essential skills and best practices that servers need to know on the job. In order to safely serve patrons and safeguard against liability, employees need the proper tools and education to make the right decisions. By learning how to check IDs, spot underage customers, identify habitual drinkers, and perform interventions with intoxicated customers, servers will keep themselves and their customers secure while providing a professional and enjoyable experience for all. Seller Server provides all of these skills in one training course, to be taken right from home - no classroom required!

Come One, Come All

Whether you’re a bartender, server, store clerk, manager, or security guard, Seller Server has a course that will get you the alcohol server training you need. The responsible beverage server course is targeted for each state, with specific graphics and information pertaining to state laws and regulations. Accessible 24 hours a day, students don’t have to worry about not being able to make time to obtain their alcohol server permit. Seller Server understands the hectic schedule and sensitive needs of those working in the service industry. They’ve taken special care to accommodate anyone who takes their alcohol server training course by making it self-paced and self-directed. There are no instructors or strict deadlines – each student sets his or her own speed, and works through whenever they find the time to do so.

Technology Put to Good Use

SellerServer.com prides itself on using the most advanced technology in its courses, which is one of the reasons it has become such a popular choice among servers. The course utilizes entertaining videos and interactive graphics to make the learning process much more fun. Plus, servers work through the material much more quickly when they don’t have to re-read text that they may have skimmed through the first time around.

Servers Love It

With a demanding job that includes a varied schedule, it can be hard to receive the education one needs in the small amount of time one may have. That’s why servers have turned to Seller Server, where they can learn on their own time and set their own rules for studying. Without any hassle or inconvenient involved, employees can get certified and go on to do what they’ve been trained to do best – serve their customers safely and responsibly.