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Frequently Asked Questions

  • General Course Questions
  • Online Course Questions
  • Course Policy Questions
How do I register for a course?
Choose your state to see the price and details for the courses offered. Select your course, and enter the personal and payment information required. Once you have set up your log-in information, you're registered and ready to access your course!
How long is your course?
Course length varies by state, but most courses are between 2 and 4 hours. Choose your state to find out your course details.
Is your course approved in my state?
SellerServer.com courses are approved by states nationwide. Please select your state to learn more details about your specific course.
Who are your courses designed for?
Seller Server courses are designed for any employee designated to sell or serve alcohol in a licensed establishment, or represent the establishment off-premises. This includes wait staff, bartenders, doormen/security guards, store clerks, managers, and business owners.
How much does the course cost, and how can I pay?
Course prices vary by state, so select your state to find out specific details. You may pay with any major credit card through our secure server.
I’m not yet old enough to serve alcohol. Am I still allowed to take the course?
Yes, you are! There’s no minimum age to complete the course. You may take this course in advance to prepare yourself for when you are the appropriate age to sell and serve alcohol.
How long are the quizzes and the final exam?
The quiz and exam lengths are determined by individual states, and may vary. Most states allow retakes on the quizzes and the exam. Select your state to find out specific course details.
What if I fail the final exam?
Many states allow unlimited retakes of the quizzes and exams, so you’re guaranteed to pass! If your state does not and you do not pass, you will need to register for and complete your course again. We do not offer refunds for failed or incomplete courses.
Is there a time limit for completion?
You have 180 days to complete your Seller Server course. If you have not successfully completed the course within 180 days, your course enrollment will be terminated, and you will not be eligible for a refund.
How do I save my work?
If you are taking your Seller Server course online, we save your work for you, so you will automatically resume where you previously left off when you log back in to your course.
How quickly will I get my certificate of completion?
We offer many low-priced fast delivery options, same-day delivery by e-mail in some states! Please choose your state to see what delivery options we offer for you.
What if I’ve lost my certificate or it contains incorrect information?
We will be happy to send you a reprint of your certificate. Please contact our Customer Support at (866) 378-1587 to request a reprint. Depending on your state, a nominal fee may be required.
Can I do group training for my entire staff?
Yes you can! We offer business accounts for our online course, which allow you to keep track of your employees' training, and get them certified to sell and serve quickly and efficiently. See our Business Accounts page for more details.
Do you offer a group discount?
Yes we do! Please visit our Business Accounts page to learn more.
I lost my password. How do I log in?
If you provided a valid email address upon registering for the course, click here to go to our password retrieval form. We will email your login name and password to the email address associated with your account.

If you do not have access to your email, please contact our Customer Support at (866) 378-1587.
What if I have questions while taking my course?
Our Customer Support team is available for any questions you have about your Seller Server course. You may call us at (866) 378-1587, or send us an email through our contact form.
How do I log back in to continue my course?
When you return to SellerServer.com, simply click on the ’Log In’ link in the top navigation. Enter your information, and your alcohol server training online course will resume right where you previously left off.
Does the course save directly to my computer?
Your Seller Server course is hosted on our servers, so there’s no software to install or memory taken up on your computer. You may log in to your course from any computer with an internet connection, and we save your work for you
Can I rewind the chapter to review it?
Yes! You can pause or rewind the chapters as many times as you wish to make sure you have all the information you need.
The course pages aren’t loading. What do I do?
If the pages aren’t loading completely, you may want to disconnect your internet connection and log back in. This type of problem is typically caused by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and web traffic.

If you continue to experience problems, we recommend disconnecting and returning at a later time to complete the course when internet traffic is not as heavy. If you are still having problems, you may call Customer Support at (866) 378-1587.
What if my computer freezes or I get booted off the internet?
Your work is automatically saved up to the point where you left off. All you’ll need to do is reboot your computer, log back in to your course, and continue.
What do I need for my DVD course?
All you need to complete a DVD course is your course disc, your TV, and a DVD player! You will also need either your computer or your phone to take the quizzes and the final exam.
How do I take my quizzes and exam?
You may either take your quizzes and exam online, or call our toll-free number to take them over the phone. To take them online, simply log in to the account you created when you registered your DVD. If you choose to use our phone method, make sure you have your Security Code that you were given when you registered your DVD. You’ll need it for the final exam!
I don’t have my security code. How do I take my final exam?
Please contact our Customer Support at (866) 378-1587.
How do I navigate through the course?
Simply use the standard stop, start, pause, rewind and fast-forward buttons for your DVD player. If you wish to review material or re-watch a chapter, use the rewind or skip back button. To return to where you left off, fast-forward to that screen.
What is the course completion policy?
You must complete all phases of the approved curriculum in order to receive a certificate of completion. Any time missed must be made up. SellerServer.com is prohibited from issuing a certificate of completion if the student has not met all the requirements for course completion and a student shall not accept a certificate under such circumstances.
What is the course cancellation/refund policy?
A full refund less $8 for processing will be made to any student who cancels the enrollment contract within 30 days of registering for the course and prior to attempting the final examination. The COURSE PROVIDER will terminate, without notice, the enrollment of any student who has not successfully completed the course within 180 days. All registration fees paid are due and refundable when the course of instruction is discontinued by the COURSE PROVIDER, preventing a student from completing the course, or the enrollment of the student was procured as a result of any misrepresentation in advertising, promotional materials of the COURSE PROVIDER, or representation made by the owner or employee of the COURSE PROVIDER. All refunds of this nature will be issued within 30 days following receipt of a permissible request for cancellation.
What is the testing and grading policy?
Each chapter contains a quiz or quizzes that review important content from that chapter. The quizzes do not affect your final exam score but will provide you with an excellent opportunity to master the course material. You also must take and pass a final exam upon completion of the course.
What is the operation and conduct policy?
No credit or completion will be given if the course is completed by anyone other than you or if you are assisted by an outside party. When you enroll in the course you are stating under penalty of perjury that you, and not another person, studied the material in its entirety and completed that chapter quizzes and the final exam. By registering for the course, you understand that is may be a felony to make false statements or to falsify documents submitted by your employer.