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Alcohol Awareness Training Requirements

Washington, D.C. Server Training Requirements

Approved by the District of Columbia Alcoholic Beverage Control Board


On the surface, being a seller or server of alcoholic beverages doesn't seem overly complicated. You take the customer's order, you fix their drink, you serve their drink… and you're done. Right?

Wrong. There are many hidden responsibilities in the job function of a bartender or server, and if executed poorly, a number of damaging consequences could occur. The establishment could lose its liquor license, the server could face criminal charges… and a customer could even die because of a simple lapse in judgment.

That's why the Washington, D.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC) requires alcohol sellers/servers and managers to complete a state-approved Alcohol Certification Training course.

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The Alcohol Awareness Training Program

To comply with alcohol server training requirements, employees are asked to complete a state-approved Washington, D.C. alcohol training course. Anyone looking to be a manager or general staff member of a seller/server establishment is required to complete an Alcohol Awareness Training course, and renew that certification every 2 years.

Completion of this program is not mandatory for employees; however, most establishments will make it a requirement in order to protect the business from any liability in the event of a mistake or an emergency. Similarly, the only way to ensure the safety of customers is to have highly-trained and aware staff members who know the warning signs of intoxication, as well as how to identify minors attempting to purchase alcohol. Servers and bartenders are the first and last line of defense against possibly breaking a law or allowing customers to put themselves and other patrons in danger. For this main reason, nearly all employees will be required to complete a training course.

What You Learn in Server Training

The Seller Server Alcohol Awareness Training program meets all Washington, D.C. server training requirements. In this 8-chapter course, you will learn the following material certified by the ABC:

  • D.C. alcohol laws and regulations
  • How to check IDs and spot underage patrons
  • Intervention techniques
  • Proper serving methods
  • How to spot intoxicated customers and safely refuse service

The employee receives a Certificate of Completion when they successfully pass the course, and this is the paperwork they must submit to the state in order to be certified. Depending upon the business, employees may submit their certificates to their employer who will then send it into the ABC, or they may be required to do it themselves.

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Proper Training Saves Lives

By learning precise techniques on how to identify and prevent hazardous situations from occurring, servers protect more than just themselves and their business. An astute bartender will be able to pinpoint signs of intoxication and recognize habitual drinkers, preventing them from putting more alcohol in their system (which could be deadly) or getting behind the wheel of a car. Furthermore, intoxicated customers can often become aggressive or confrontational, and may cause trouble with other patrons. A properly-trained staff member will be able to diffuse the situation and remove the customer from the building without causing any hazards to themselves or other customers. These lessons are invaluable tools that will be used each and every day on the job.