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Approved by the Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control (DABC)


What is the Virginia SellerServer.com Course?

The Virginia Alcohol SellerServer.com Training instructs you in the responsibilities involved with providing alcohol to the public. This self-paced course is perfect for anyone required to be certified to sell or serve in the state of Virginia! The course is approved by the Virginia Department of Alcohol Beverage Control, and teaches serving procedures, state regulations, and hazard prevention measures such as:

  • How to properly check IDs
  • How to spot fake IDs
  • How to determine levels of intoxication
  • Intervention techniques

Make the Convenient Choice

An online course affords benefits that traditional seller/server courses just can’t offer:

  • A completely self-paced format
  • Videos, audio, animations and graphics
  • Unlimited retakes of your quizzes and final exam
  • Easy, short lessons for faster certification

You can meet all of the requirements for serving in Virginia right from the ease of your own home through SellerServer.com. Get certified through any computer, any time of day. With 24/7 access to your course, you’re able to determine your own schedule and spend your free time how YOU want to, instead of in a classroom!

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Easy, Quick Certification

You need to get your certification fast so you can start serving, so why choose a course that takes up valuable time? With your Virginia alcohol server training online, you can get your certification quickly and get to work! The course is only 8 units, which you can finish as speedily or as slowly as you wish.

That’s the beauty of a self-paced course – you get to call the shots! You’ll never spend an entire Saturday sitting in a classroom. Just log in when you want to study, and take a break whenever you need one. Before you know it, you’ll be finished, certified, and ready to serve!

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy!

When you are comfortable, relaxed, and having a good time, you are far more receptive to learn more quickly and easily. This is why your online Virginia alcohol certification includes short, easy-to-understand chapters and fun varieties of advanced-technology media. You can concentrate on one thing at a time, learning through simple language and visual tools that increase learning capacity and retention. Enjoy such features as:

  • Entertaining and expertly-designed videos
  • Interactive graphics and helpful animations
  • Thorough explanations through text and visual aids
Now Alcohol Certification is Fast And Simple

Hassle-Free Process

Obtaining your seller server certification takes only a few easy steps, and they start right here!

  • Register for your Virginia Alcohol SellerServer.com Training course
  • Work through the course on your own self-paced schedule
  • Pass the final exam – 100% guarantee of success!
  • Get your seller server Certificate
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