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What is a TABC Alcohol Certification course?
A Texas alcohol certification course is a state-approved curriculum that gives Texas alcohol sellers and servers a thorough education in the laws, skills, and responsibilities associated with their profession. The completion of this course also serves as a liability prevention method for owners of licensed establishments, to help shield the business from criminal charges or loss of its license.
What does "TABC" mean?
“TABC” stands for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. Previously known as the Texas Liquor Control Board, the TABC is in charge of regulating the entire alcohol industry within the state of Texas. This includes liquor licenses, sales, taxes, transportation, employee certification, and much more.
What's the difference between a TABC alcohol certification and a liquor/alcohol license for a business?
A TABC alcohol certification is for an individual employee to learn how to sell and/or serve alcohol within a licensed establishment, whereas a liquor/alcohol license is given to the establishment itself so that it can sell or serve alcohol for public consumption.
Who should take this course? Am I eligible?
This course is designed for all employees of any licensed establishment that sells or serves alcohol to the public, which include servers and wait staff, bartenders, bouncers/security staff, store clerks, management, and anyone else who works on the premises. There is no minimum age requirement for eligibility, so anyone can take our course!
Is your course approved?
Yes! Our online certification course is completely approved by the TABC to certify you to perform alcohol sales and service within a licensed establishment.
Am I required to complete this course in order to get a job selling or serving alcohol in Texas?
This course is not required by the state; however, many (if not most) seller/server businesses WILL require it as a part of their company hiring policies. The course curriculum must be approved by the TABC in order to meet requirements for certification; once staff is certified, they are shielded from liability in the event of a hazardous situation occurring on or off the premises.
How long will this course take? What will I learn?

Our course meets the TABC-required length of 2 hours... that means you can start and finish your course all in one short session! You'll learn about your role and responsibilities as an employee of a licensed establishment, including:

  • Safe serving methods
  • Proper ways to check identification
  • How to spot underage customers
  • How to safely refuse service and/or perform interventions
  • Texas alcohol laws and regulations

The course consists of 4 single-subject units that help you learn quickly, and each chapter ends with a 5-question multiple-choice quiz which you can retake as many times as you need to pass with an 80% and move onto the next chapter.

Is there a final exam? How many chances do I get to pass?
Yes, there is a 25-question final exam, which you must pass with a score of 70% or higher in order to earn credit for the course. However, you get 2 attempts at your final to pass it, so you can take any mistakes that you made on your first exam, go back and review your chapters and quizzes, and you'll have no problem passing on your second try!
How will I receive my certificate once I finish the course?

After you complete your Texas Seller Server alcohol certification course, we process your completion information and report your success directly to the state.

We also send out a Certificate of Completion that you can turn into your employer for them to keep on file during your 2-year certification window. We ship this certificate for FREE via standard USPS mail, and if you need it sooner, we also offer expedited shipping options that can get it to your front door the very next day!

How long is my certification valid for?
Your TABC certification is valid for 2 years from the date you complete your course. In order to remain current, you will need to be recertified every 2 years... so you can simply come back to SellerServer.com and take your quick, 2-hour online course again!
What happens if I make a mistake after getting certified, such as selling or serving to a minor, or breaking a Texas alcohol law?
Having a staff fully certified means that you have been educated in the laws and rules to follow, and are aware of the consequences of your actions on the job. If you make a mistake that results in the violation of a law or harm to a customer, your business is shielded from criminal liability, since they required you to learn and follow these rules. You may still face criminal charges, including fines and possible jail time, depending upon the severity of the infraction and outcome.