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The Consequences of Illegal Alcohol Sales

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The Consequences of Illegal Alcohol Sales

One of the biggest concerns to any establishment is the potential of a dangerous or illegal sale to a customer. With measures put in place to counteract these risks, the consequences of them happening at all are even greater.

This is why many Texas establishments require their employees to undergo TABC certification online – so that there will be no mistakes that could possibly cost them their license.

Liabilities Involving Alcohol Sales

  • Selling to a minor – There is a reason why you get carded every time you go to a bar or order a drink at a restaurant. If a server or bartender provides alcohol to a patron who is underage, the consequences are dire. The server could be charged individually with a Class A misdemeanor, costing them a year in jail and a $4000 fine. The establishment itself could lose its liquor license. That’s why it’s imperative that servers know how to properly check IDs.

    The minor should also know that if they are caught and convicted of purchasing or attempting to purchase alcohol underage, it is a Class C misdemeanor, which carries a fine of up to $500, suspension of their driver’s license, community service, and attendance at an alcohol awareness course.

  • Over-serving to intoxicated customers – Once a person has clearly reached their limit to tolerate their alcohol, the server or bartender needs to take control of the situation and cut off service to the patron. Selling alcohol to an already intoxicated customer is another misdemeanor crime, which also carries up to a year in jail and a fine between $100 and $500. Wait staff are trained in their TABC certification online to identify signs of intoxication, which include:
    • Poor physical coordination
    • Slurred speech
    • Talking loudly
    • Noticeably impaired vision
  • Perpetrating someone’s intoxicated state could possibly lead to them drinking and driving, and if someone gets into a severe car accident due to drunk driving after leaving an establishment, that business is held liable for the death and damages. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that a server or bartender cut off service immediately to someone becoming intoxicated, and inform their manager of the situation.

  • Serving to habitual drinkers – if a server or bartender notices that a person comes into their establishment regularly and drinks heavily, it may be a sign of a deeper problem. Alcoholism is not to be dealt with lightly, and if you knowingly serve to an alcoholic, you could face the same charges as serving to an openly intoxicated patron. The right thing to do is to notify your supervisor, who will likely bar that person from service at your establishment.

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TABC Certification Online Can Help

By undergoing a SellerServer.com TABC certification online course, many of these topics will be dealt with in greater detail, along with ways to counteract or prevent them from happening. Now that these courses are online, servers can accommodate their busy schedules by utilizing the flexible nature of the online course to study when they’re able to.

This leaves no excuse for any establishment not to require their entire staff to be properly trained on the dangers and consequences of serving alcohol.