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Austin Alcohol Training – Right from Home!

You don’t need a classroom to learn how to sell and serve alcohol responsibly – all you need is your computer and spare moment or two! With an online Austin TABC Certification course from Seller Server, you can complete your alcohol training right from the comfort of home.

  • Study around your schedule
  • No driving to and from a classroom
  • Multimedia lessons – no boring textbooks
  • Fast certification with free shipping

When you study online, you’re giving yourself the gift of maximum freedom to study when and where you choose. Complete your Austin alcohol training without ever leaving your couch!

What is a TABC Training Course?

A Seller Server TABC Alcohol Training course is a 2-hour certification course approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. You will learn all of the important safe-serving practices that your business requires you to know in order to furnish alcohol to the public. These topics include:

  • Basic safe serving skills
  • How to properly check and identify fake IDs
  • Texas alcohol regulations and laws
  • How to spot intoxication and perform interventions

These things, among others, will help keep you and your customers safe, and will ensure that you are fully able to work in a seller/server establishment while abiding by Texas alcohol laws.

Learn it online with SellerServer

Get Certified and Get to Work

You need a TABC certification, and we’ve got just the ticket. With the click of a mouse, you have the power to earn your Austin Alcohol Training certificate right from home – no classroom required. With fast, easy lessons and state-approved material, you’ll get the education you need to become a responsible seller or server, all without dealing with any stress or hassle.

Your Schedule Comes First

Seller Server’s online Texas TABC Alcohol Course works around your schedule, giving you the flexibility you need to get trained on your own terms.

  • Log in and out from any computer
  • Access the lessons 24/7
  • Adjust your pace as you see fit
  • Finish the course at once, or work in smaller portions

You have complete control over how, when, and where you study your lessons, as you dictate your own schedule and pace. Whether you’re a night owl, an early bird, or you fall somewhere in between, your Austin Seller Server course will adjust to meet your specific needs.

Now Alcohol Certification is Fast And Simple

As Easy as 1-2-3!

The process for earning your TABC certification in Austin is a snap – just follow these steps, and you’re ready to serve.

  • Register for your Austin Online Alcohol Training course
  • Begin your course whenever you choose (it’s only 2 hours long)
  • Pass your multiple-choice final exam – you even get 2 attempts to pass!

That’s it! We’ll send you your Certificate of Completion the very day you pass your course, and we even ship for FREE via standard U.S. Mail. But don’t worry – if you need it faster, simply choose one of our FedEx options for expedited delivery. We’ll get you on the job in no time!

Customer Support

Customer Support + Money-Back Guarantee

We will always make sure that you have everything you need from your TABC Austin online training course.

Our Customer Support staff works 24 hours a day to answer your phone calls and emails when you need them!

Plus, if you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days (and before you take your final exam), just let us know – we’ll issue you a refund that very day. It’s all part of our Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

What Are You Waiting For?

Your quick and easy alcohol training is just a click away. Start your Austin TABC Seller Server course today, and see the difference that online makes!

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