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Rhode Island Alcohol Seller Server Training Course

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  • Fit the course to your own schedule
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About the Rhode Island SellerServer.com Course

Get your alcohol training right from home with your Rhode Island online SellerServer.com course! This course provides all of the required information that you need in order to sell and serve at your bar, restaurant or store, but without any of the hassle of finding a classroom course. Learn regulations and serving procedures right from your computer, liability and hazard prevention techniques including:

  • How to properly check IDs
  • How to spot fake IDs
  • How to determine levels of intoxication
  • Intervention techniques

Take Control of Your Course

Your time is valuable – use it how you want to! And with a SellerServer.com course, you get all of these great features:

  • Engaging videos and animated lessons
  • A completely flexible and adjustable platform
  • Unlimited log ins and log outs, and unlimited breaks
  • Constant Customer Support when you need it

With SellerServer.com’s Rhode Island online alcohol server training, you’ll never have to rearrange your schedule to accommodate your course! You only study when you find the time, and you can do so at whatever pace is comfortable for you. Log in any time from any computer, and never waste an entire day sitting in a classroom.

Learn it online with SellerServer

Your Rhode Island Course, Done Your Way

Make the easy choice by completing your course on your own terms. With the SellerServer.com Rhode Island alcohol online training, you aren’t ever beholden to someone else’s timeline or study schedule. Accessible 24 hours a day, you can log in to your course whenever it’s convenient to study.

Finish a lesson or two after breakfast, or squeeze in 10 minutes between classes or after work. It’s entirely yours to sculpt how you wish. With 6 whole months to finish 8 short units, you’re completely able to get your education easily, without stress or hassle!

Learn Your Lessons, and Have Fun, Too!

If you have to get trained to sell or serve, you may as well have a good time doing it! Your Rhode Island SellerServer.com course includes ton of expertly-created multimedia to keep you engaged with your course and learning even more quickly. Plus, the teaching tools we’ve included are proven to help you learn better and retain the information longer, so you’ll perform your job responsibly once you’re finished. Some of these cool elements include:

  • Entertaining instructional videos
  • Dynamic interactive elements, like animations and graphics
  • An audio track to listen along with your course
  • Single-subject units for easier learning and concentration
Now Alcohol Certification is Fast And Simple

There’s Nothing to It

We’ve made the alcohol training process so easy, you’ll be done before you even realize it! To get your Rhode Island alcohol server education, simply follow these steps:

  • Register for your Rhode Island Alcohol SellerServer.com course
  • Start whenever you wish, and work through at a comfortable pace
  • Pass the multiple-choice final exam, which includes unlimited retakes!
  • Get your Rhode Island seller server certificate
Customer Support

We’re Here If You Need Us

As easy as our course is, we know you might have a question or two along the way. That’s why we provide you with Customer Support 7 days a week, for whenever you find the time to study.

Our team of friendly representatives can guide you through anything you need, and answer your queries efficiently.

By phone or by email, there will always be someone standing by for you.

It’s Time to Serve!

Start your Rhode Island Alcohol SellerServer.com course now, and be on your way toward responsible serving! Register today.