Applicable for Existing Student/Customers Only
This course is unapproved for New Mexico. Completion of the Seller Server course does not provide students with the certification required to work in a New Mexico liquor establishment.

New Mexico Alcohol Course

Unapproved New Mexico
SellerServer.com Course

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About the New Mexico SellerServer.com Course

The SellerServer.com New Mexico course has not been approved by the state of New Mexico and completing it will not earn you a serving license. We anticipate to receive approval in the future, so please check back. However, the current course still teaches the fundamentals of serving, including alcohol regulations and important liability prevention methods, such as:

  • How to properly check IDs
  • How to spot fake IDs
  • How to determine levels of intoxication
  • Intervention techniques

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Taking your New Mexico Alcohol Server course is effortless when you complete your seller server training online. Stay relaxed and comfortable from your own computer, and study whenever you want! With expertly-designed materials using advanced technology, you’ll have fun while you learn without any pressure of classrooms or deadlines.

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Unapproved New Mexico Alcohol Training Course

With a busy schedule and not enough free time, you don’t want to waste it sitting in a classroom! By completing your New Mexico alcohol server training online with SellerServer.com, you get to study right from your own computer without cutting into your activities.

The course is 100% self-paced, making it easy to dictate your own schedule and study only as much as you wish per session. Take as many breaks as you want! We’ll save your place for the next time you log back in.

Professional Design for Quick and Easy Learning

No one learns when they’re bored, which is why your New Mexico Alcohol SellerServer.com course is chock full of entertaining features to keep you interested and having fun. Instead of a stuffy textbook, you’ll learn through these engaging materials:

  • Fun and educational videos and audio clips
  • Interactive graphics and animations
  • Short chapters for focused learning
  • Multiple-choice quizzes and final exam with unlimited retakes!

We’ve made sure to include elements that have been proven to help you learn faster and retain more information.

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