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Approved by the Montana Department of Revenue (DOR)


What is the Montana State SellerServer.com Program?

Our online Montana State SellerServer.com program satisfies your state-mandated alcohol training to earn your bartending or server license! Approved by the Montana Department of Revenue (DOR), this multimedia-based course includes everything you’re required to know before you sell or serve alcohol to the public. Topics included range from Montana state liquor laws to responsible serving practices such as:

  • How to properly check IDs
  • How to spot fake IDs
  • How to determine levels of intoxication
  • Intervention techniques

Online Makes it Quick, Easy, & Hassle-Free

You’re required to undergo alcohol certification in Montana, so why not make it as easy as possible on yourself? SellerServer.com gives you complete freedom to study when, where, and how you like.

  • Log into your course from any computer
  • No deadlines – study when you find the time
  • Multimedia chapters – video, audio, animations and more
  • Complete control and flexibility to your schedule

You don’t need to sit in a classroom or rearrange your time around your Montana alcohol certification. With your easy online SellerServer.com course, you’ve got professionally-created teaching tools helping you finish your course quickly, easily, and without any hassle.

Learn it online with SellerServer

Earn Your License from Home

Taking a Montana State SellerServer.com certification course can be as easy as hanging out comfortably on your couch! With our easy online course, you can work from any computer, any time you’re able, and earn your Montana alcohol serving certification however you choose.

There’s no need to visit a classroom – which not only saves you time, but also saves you money in travel and course expenses. Everything you need is right in front of you, and it’s all in your control.

You Set the Pace

Your course meets the state-required 4 hours, but that doesn’t mean you need to sit for 4 hours at once like you would with a classroom course. Your online Montana SellerServer.com course gives you the flexibility to log in and out when you choose, and complete your course in as many sessions as you want!

  • Unlimited access 24/7
  • Log in and out from any computer
  • Study when you find the time
  • Set your own comfortable timeline
Now Alcohol Certification is Fast And Simple

Course Details

Your Montana Alcohol Server course is split up into 8 single-subject units for maximum ease when studying. Each topic is explored through interactive and dynamic multimedia, including:

  • Videos and audio clips
  • Animations and graphics
  • Slideshows and more!

You’ll take an easy 5-question quiz at the end of each chapter, which you can retake as many times as you need to pass. You’ll also take a multiple-choice final exam, which you are 100% guaranteed to pass, since it allows unlimited retakes! That means you’re guaranteed to earn your Montana SellerServer.com license!

Affordably Priced for Everyone

Your SellerServer.com course comes with everything you need to earn your alcohol certification – and we’ll never charge you any more than what you see.

Our prices are set purposely low so that everyone can afford a quality education without paying an arm and a leg. There are no hidden fees, and we even include a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on your course.

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