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Basset Training Requirements

State Requirements for Illinois BASSET Training

Approved by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (LCC)



For alcohol-licensed establishments in Illinois, the safety of both patrons and employees alike is of paramount importance. Maintaining a responsible staff that is well-trained in all aspects of alcohol service gives any business the advantage of staying ahead of Illinois regulations, and virtually guarantees that very few mistakes will slip through the cracks.

However, in the event that a dangerous mistake does occur, the consequences have the potential to be enormous. A seller/server establishment could be fined, have its liquor license suspended, or even be shut down altogether — and if business owners don't become proactive in training their staff, the likelihood of this scenario skyrockets.

That's why the Illinois Liquor Control Commission created the BASSET program, or the Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education Training.

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What is BASSET?

The BASSET program is an ILCC-certified alcohol training program which sets statewide standards for the furnishing of alcoholic beverages to the public. The program provides thorough training for all staff of a licensed establishment, so that everyone who is employed by a business that sells or serves alcohol is fully aware of their roles and responsibilities on the job. This training course can be taken through the state, or through any number of state-certified providers, including Seller Server.

The BASSET course state requirements include a 4-hour course length. Participants will be instructed in a variety of safe-serving topics, including:

  • Safe and responsible serving methods and practices
  • Signs of customer intoxication, and how to refuse service
  • How to properly check identification and spot underage customers
  • The dangers of drinking and driving
  • Illinois state alcohol regulations

The Seller Server BASSET Course

Seller Server offers the Illinois BASSET certification course, giving employees and business much more flexibility in scheduling staff training. The employee can work through the 4 hour course time from any computer or mobile device, whether it's at work or at home. The course is comprised of multimedia video lessons, and since it does not require traveling to and from a classroom, it's much more convenient and faster to complete.

Upon completion of the course, the employee will receive a certificate which they may then submit to management. This functions as proof that the establishment has done its part in hiring well-trained, responsible servers.

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Why Get Certified?

Participation in the BASSET program is voluntary, but its benefits are so enormous that many (if not most) businesses have made the completion of a BASSET training course a requirement for all employees upon hire.

If, for instance, an employee serves to a customer who is already intoxicated, and that customer ends up being involved in a car accident or falls victim to fatal alcohol poisoning, both the server and the business will typically be held criminally liable for the situation. However, if the business had required BASSET training upon hire, they would be safeguarded from any liability, as they could accurately claim that they had done their due diligence to provide the proper training for the employee. It would then become solely the employee's responsibility.

After a person has completed their BASSET certification, they will be issued a card, and depending upon their local government laws, they may be required to carry this card while on the job.