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All About The BASSET Alcohol Training

Your Illinois BASSET certification teaches you all of the rules, regulations, procedures and practices you need to know in order to become a bartender, server, or seller of alcohol in the state of Illinois! The program includes ways to server responsibly and detects hazardous situations, in addition to making you compliant with all of the state liquor laws you must follow.

You and your customers will be safer when you become an expert at BASSET regulations!

Complete Your BASSET Alcohol Training Online!

Forget sitting in a classroom – you can meet every BASSET requirement straight from your home computer, without ever inconveniencing your schedule!

  • Learn state laws right from home
  • Learn through professionally-designed videos and multimedia
  • Guaranteed BASSET license through Seller Server!

An online BASSET course allows you to go about your daily schedule without any stress or inconvenience. Simply log in whenever you want, and complete your BASSET alcohol training at a pace of your choosing.

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The Many Benefits of BASSET Alcohol Training

The Illinois BASSET training program ensures that you, your employer, and your patrons are all safe and happy during their time at your establishment. You will learn how to serve responsibly, preventing dangerous liabilities and making your job easier. And by taking your BASSET alcohol training online, you get all of the advantages that the internet provides, such as:

  • 24/7 access to your course
  • An entirely self-paced format to fit your schedule
  • No classrooms or textbooks – learn right from home

How Can I Take an Online BASSET Course?

You can complete your BASSET Training course anywhere, anytime by signing up for your training online with Seller Server. You can work from any computer, whenever you find the time. Simply log in and continue wherever you left off.

The BASSET license is applicable at any establishment throughout the state of Illinois.

Illinois BASSET Alcohol Training Requirements

In order to get your certified BASSET license, you will need to:

  • Be at least 18 years old for serving, or 21 years to sell alcohol
  • Satisfy criminal record requirements
  • Pass your Illinois BASSET Seller Server course

Do I Need to Get My BASSET License Renewed?

After you’ve completed your alcohol server training online, your certification of completion serves as your permanent license! There is no need to renew your license annually.

If you lose your certificate of completion, you may (and should) obtain another through Seller Server’s Customer Support team.