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What is the Illinois SellerServer.com Course?

The SellerServer.com Illinois BASSET course is approved by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission, and gives you everything you need to sell and serve safely and responsibly, without ever sitting in a classroom.

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Give yourself the ease and attention you deserve with a professionally-designed course that works for YOU!

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You work hard every day; let us work even harder so you enjoy the relaxing Illinois alcohol server training you need.

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Illinois BASSET Course

You have complete control over how you want to obtain your Illinois BASSET alcohol server certification. Whether you prefer the speed of the internet or the ease of your television, we have the course for you.

  • Your online course is the fastest way to get certified! Log in and out whenever you like, and work at your own pace without any pressure or deadlines.

BASSET Keeps You Safe

What is BASSET, you ask? It stands for "Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training," and it's the state-approved course that helps handlers of alcoholic beverages learn the responsibilities and dangers involved with their jobs. The purpose of a BASSET course is to ensure that everyone is equipped with the proper tools and skills they will need in order to perform their jobs safely, and prevent dangerous mistakes from occurring – such as serving to a minor, or providing alcohol to a habitual or intoxicated customer. Additionally, a BASSET course protects the establishment itself from any liability, should a mistake or hazardous situation happen.

"Note: Effective July 1, 2015, completion of a BASSET course will be mandatory for all alcohol servers and those who check identification for entry into drinking establishments (e.g. bouncers) in Cook County bars and restaurants."

Only the Best of the Best

Why not have some fun while you learn? Professional designers and expert instructors have put together a top-quality course that will engage you and make your experience entertaining as well as educational:

  • Advanced technology, including videos and interactive animations
  • Short and manageable chapters for faster certification
  • State-approved material, certified by the Illinois BASSET program

BASSET Course Lessons

This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of safe serving, along with hazard prevention skills and tools that will prevent dangerous situations from happening on the job, such as underage drinking or allowing drunk customers to get behind the wheel of a car. You'll go through 4 hours of training that will guide you through topics such as:

You'll take a 3-question quiz at the end of each self-paced section, and your final exam is only 20 multiple-choice questions long. Plus, you get unlimited retakes, so you're guaranteed to pass! We report your successful course completion directly to the state, and you will receive your official BASSET card in the mail. Until then, take your Certificate of Completion to your employer as your temporary permit.

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Make it easy on yourself – get certified for Illinois alcohol serving with absolutely no hassle. Simply register and go!

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  • Get your seller server certificate
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