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Responsible Vendor Training

Florida Responsible Vendor Training



While many may think that getting hired in the food service industry is a piece of cake, it is actually quite a complicated process — especially when there is alcohol involved. Selling and serving alcohol is a dangerous practice when the staff is not properly trained to do so. The hazards of over-serving your customers or possibly serving to a minor could result in an entire shut down of the business — all because of a momentary lapse in judgment.

This is why the Florida legislature has established a voluntary Responsible Vendor Training program that businesses can participate in. By meeting Florida Responsible Vendor Training requirements, the business ensures that its staff is thoroughly trained to deal with any situation that may come their way. Customers will be able to enjoy their experience safely, and the business won’t be in danger of crossing the long arm of the law.

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The Florida Responsible Vendor Act

All establishments have the opportunity to safeguard themselves against criminal liability and loss of license by participating in the Florida Responsible Vendor Act. To qualify as a "responsible vendor," a business must provide an alcohol training course for both employees and management, and must require each staff member to complete this training within 30 days of being hired. The provided course has to cover specifically-stated topics as laid out by the Florida legislature. These topics include:

  • Florida alcohol laws and regulations
  • How to spot underage patrons and properly check IDs
  • The effects of alcohol on the body and mental abilities
  • The dangers of drinking and driving
  • The consequences to the employee and the establishment in the event of breaking any of the aforesaid laws or regulations

The program also requires all businesses to hold employee meetings every 4 months to review the safe serving topics, and to post clearly-visible signs on the premises stating their policy against serving underage or over-intoxicated customers.

Seller Server's Online Training

Each of these Florida alcohol training courses is offered online through Seller Server. While typically a training course would either be taken in a classroom during the employee's free time, or at the business itself during training or orientation, the online option gives both the employee and the business more flexibility in how and when to complete the course. It's 8 chapters long, and covers all of the topics mentioned above. The student will receive a Certificate of Completion through the mail, which they can then submit to their employer. The business is required to keep records of all employee training.

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Training is Important

While not required by the state, participating in Florida alcohol training is absolutely essential to ensuring the safety and security of not only the customers of the establishment, but also the staff and the business itself. With proper training, employees and managers will be able to prevent any number of hazards from occurring, including over-serving customers and selling or serving to minors. The number of DUIs significantly decreases, and employees become far more knowledgeable about their industry and the dangers involved.

Participation in a Responsible Vendor Training program also helps the business avoid liability in case an emergency DOES occur. If a bartender happens to serve to a minor, for example, that employee could still face criminal charges, but the establishment is shielded from losing its liquor license or worse. The business is able to claim that it did everything in its power to efficiently train its staff on proper serving regulations, and the onus then falls upon the server.