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Florida Alcohol Seller Server Training Courses



     SellerServer.com Course

Become trained to sell or serve within a licensed establishment

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      SellerServer.com Course

Become trained to manage an establishment which sells and serves alcohol

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Business Accounts

  • Dedicated account management team
  • Group discount options
  • Easy-to-use Reporting Portal
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What Are The Florida SellerServer.com Courses?

  • The Florida Employee Course, designed for wait staff, bartenders, clerks, and all other employees of a seller server establishment    
  • The Florida Management Course, designed for owners and managers of bars, restaurants, and stores which sell and/or serve alcohol      

The Florida SellerServer.com courses are convenient online courses which provide Florida employees and managers with the knowledge and expertise in all aspects of providing alcohol to the public, each of which teaches the regulations and best practices of selling and serving.

Alcohol Training Made Easy

Your easy Florida online alcohol server training course provides:

  • Fun, engaging multimedia lessons
  • A completely self-paced platform
  • Low-price delivery options, including free US Mail delivery
  • Guaranteed-to-pass success!

Your online Florida SellerServer.com courses allow you to receive your training right from home – no classroom or instructor necessary! Learn essential skills and train to handle any situation through a simple online alcohol serving course that lets YOU set the rules.

Learn from home

Simple Alcohol Training from Home

With an online alcohol server course, you can study anywhere, anytime. All you do is log in from any computer, and you’re on your way! Study at any hour of the day; your course is accessible 24/7, and you get unlimited logins and logouts.

Your work is always saved, and you’ll simply pick up right where you finished. Take as many breaks as you want, too! Studying shouldn’t be stressful, especially when you can turn your couch into your classroom! Stay home and stay comfortable – get your education online.

Professionally Designed Just for You

We make sure to give you a quality alcohol server training course that will entertain as well as inform. Our expert designers have included proven teaching techniques that are visually stimulating and increase your learning capacity and retention. Enjoy fun videos, 3D graphics, interactive animations, and so much more. Now isn’t that better than reading from a textbook? We thought so, too!

Now Alcohol Certification is Fast And Simple

The Next Step

Your Florida seller server education begins with a mouse click, and ends with success! Here’s what you do:

  • Choose your Employee or Management course and register
  • Start your course whenever you want, and continue at your own pace
  • Pass the final exam – you get unlimited retakes!
  • Get your seller server certificate in the mail
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At SellerServer.com, we believe that you should have the support you deserve.

That’s why our dedicated Customer Support team is always ready, standing by to take your questions.

Give us a call or send us an email, and we'll get you on your way toward your Florida server training.

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