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Alcohol Server Training Requirements

Tennessee Alcohol Server Training Requirements

Approved by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC)


The state of Tennessee mandates alcohol training for all employees of a seller/server establishment. Why is the state so strict about meeting these requirements? The answer is quite simple: the very act of selling and consuming alcohol can be very dangerous if not handled with the utmost care and responsibility. Therefore, the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) ensures that sellers know just what to look out for and how to handle any hazardous situation that may come their way.

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Meeting TABC Requirements

As part of meeting Tennessee alcohol seller training requirements, all licensed establishments must provide a state-approved alcohol training education course to its employees. This certification training must be completed within 60 days of hire in order to earn a seller permit. This permit will be valid for 5 years, after which the employee will need to renew it by completing the alcohol training course again. Businesses must have copies of each employee's seller permit on file at all times, or else they could risk severe penalties.

You will be eligible to become a TABC-certified alcohol seller as long as you meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You may not have had any felony convictions, or any convictions related to drugs or alcohol
  • You must not have had a previous seller permit revoked within the last 5 years

The Tennessee TABC Course

The alcohol training course which sellers must complete is quite thorough, and covers all state alcohol laws and regulations. Servers will be trained in how to properly check identification and spot fake IDs to prevent underage drinking. They will also learn about the effects of alcohol and drugs on the body, and how they may counter these effects through hazard management skills and safe intervention techniques.

The online course is required to be 4 hours long. Businesses can request a corporate code to train their entire staff, either individually or for use during group orientations. The course is self-paced, and each of the above topics has its own dedicated section to ensure thorough and efficient learning s that these vital skills will be remembered on the job.

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The Dangers of Over-Serving

It's important that sellers know not only how to sell properly, but when to refuse service. Supplying alcohol to an intoxicated customer or a habitual drinker is not only a hazard to that person's health and well-being, but also to the other patrons, employees, and the establishment itself. A person could turn violent, suffer alcohol poisoning, or even die due to too much alcohol in his or her system. Any seller who cannot identify these warning signs would then be held liable for these situations, and if the establishment has not complied with the alcohol training mandate, it could also lose its liquor license or be forced to close its doors permanently. By employing sellers who are thoroughly trained and committed to ensuring the safety of all people involved, business owners will not only safeguard themselves from liability in the event that one of these situations happens, but will undoubtedly keep these dangers from ever occurring in the first place.