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Approved by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission (ABC)
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About Your Tennessee Online SellerServer.com Course

Get at-home alcohol certification without any classrooms with your online Tennessee SellerServer.com course! Part of the mandatory Tennessee Responsible Vendor Program and approved by the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission, you’ll learn the essential state laws and regulations you’re required to know in order to sell in Tennessee. Important procedures include:

  • How to properly check IDs
  • How to spot fake IDs
  • How to determine levels of intoxication
  • Intervention techniques

Perfect for Your Busy Life

Use your time how YOU want to, and avoid wasting it in a classroom! Your online Tennessee alcohol course gives you the ability to get your required certification on your terms.

  • Set your own convenient schedule
  • Study at whatever pace is comfortable
  • 24/7 access for ultimate flexibility
  • Fast certification with short, manageable lessons

Be your own instructor, and only study when it works for you. Take control of your Tennessee responsible vendor training online!

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The Convenience You Need

Study from anywhere, anytime, without any pressure or hassle! With easy and accessible online Tennessee courses, your certification can be completed right from home. This online course is the fastest way to get certified, with 24/7 access and a completely flexible format that you can adjust to work around your schedule.

You can still use your free time however you wish without interference from your course! Simply log in whenever you find the time, and take as many breaks as you need. What could be easier?

Excel with Professional Quality

You’ll be the best at your job when you learn using the best tools available. Expert design and professional teaching tools help you learn quickly and retain your lessons so you can put those skills to use.

  • Engaging videos provide expert demonstration
  • Interactive elements let you participate in your course
  • Listen to your course through a clear audio

Instead of reading from boring textbooks, you’ll stay focused and interested with a fun course that entertains AND educates! Stay interested and learn faster with your Tennessee alcohol certification online course.

Now Alcohol Certification is Fast And Simple

Easy Steps to Follow

You can sign up and begin your online Tennessee Responsible Vendor Program immediately – no hassle involved! All you do is:

  • Register for your Tennessee online Responsible Vendor Program
  • Begin when you wish, and study when you find time
  • Pass the simple final exam, which allows UNLIMITED retakes
  • Get your Responsible Vendor certificate
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